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Boywood Border Collies | Ontario Border Collie Breeder, Border Collie Puppies Toronto
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Boywood Border Collies

Boywood Border Collies

place-2 5100 Sideline 12 | Claremont, ON | telephone-15 905.649.3647
mouse-2 www.boywoodcollies.com | info@boywoodbordercollies.com

Canadian Border Collie Association Registered Border Collie Breeder

Boywood Farm is located on 57 heavenly acres in the country oasis created by the Oakridges Morraine. We are located near Claremont (just southeast of Stouffville)  located off the 407, just north on Brock Road.

They welcome both novice and experienced sheep herders and Border Collies enthusiasts. There are multiple paddocks and training areas for starting dogs, rolling hills for more advanced dogs and demonstrations, woods with a stream, and of course the special charm of the country.

About Border Collies Puppies

All of the Border Collie puppies are registered with the Canadian Border Collie Association (CBCA). Boywood Border Collies specializes in producing superior Border Collie lines, Border Collie products, Maremma livestock guardian dogs and lamb meat. Their aim is to preserve the incredible ability of the working Border Collie and to share “the mystique of the shepherd and his dog” with others.

Boywood Border Collies are top quality imported working lines from the U.K. that are chosen for temperament, herding and working ability, intelligence and structure. It is important to Boywood that their Border Collies are excellent companions. They work with you to understand your needs and match you with the appropriate Border Collie puppy or adult dog, whether you are interested in performance such as herding or agility or just looking for a faithful companion.

Boywood Farm is a working sheep farm, raising lamb for sale and the Border Collies are an integral part of the day to day management of the flock. Boywood provides herding demonstrations, instruction and workshops to help educate people about the Border Collie and to give a glimpse into the incredible world of the working sheepdog.

Border Collie Herding Training

Boywood Farm teaches herding for both beginners and advanced competitors. The instructors are successful USBCHA Open sheepdog trial winners, competing successfully throughout North America and teach dog training professionally full-time. They welcome all herding dogs, and specialize in working with Border Collies in both herding and obedience. We host herding workshops and camps with world class trainers such as Gordon Watt, John Atkinson, Elvin Kopp and Jim and Shirley Cropper.

Boywood Border Collies, in partnership with Get Goosed! Goose Control Dogs, also provides highly trained Border Collies as goose dogs for the control and removal of nuisance Canada geese. Border Collies for goose control are occasionally available for sale.

Mary Lou is one of the top herding instructors in Canada, and many of her students have gone on to compete in the most competitive divisions of herding. She has put together one of the best herding facilities in Canada. Mary Lou is also a very successful competitor in Canada and the U.S. at the highest levels of sheep dog trialling, winning many competitions over the years with multiple dogs. She continues to work with top trainers from the U.K. to stay updated with the latest techniques.

Mary Lou is a multi-talented and versatile trainer who has trained dogs for television commercials and live professional theatre. She has also performed demonstrations at the Royal Winter Fair as well as training potbellied pigs for live performances at the Toronto Sportsman Show.

Kathy has been enthralled by the working Border Collie for over 15 years. Finally able to make time for sheep dogs, 2009 was her first season in Open, and during that time she won two Open trials, finished 12 overall in the Northeast Border Collie Association, and qualified for the USBCHA Nationals with her 3 year old Border Collie, Moss, a dog she trained herself from puppyhood. In particular Kathy has an interest in working pedigrees.

Agility Training

Kathy is a top competitor and dog trainer, giving seminars around North America on dog training, dog agility and mental preparation for excellence. She been very successful in other venues, winning the 2004 IFCS 22″ World Agility Championship with her Border Collie Mojo, winning the CIAU National Basketball Championship and competing internationally in
basketball, among many other accolades.

Kathy is actively involved with teaching agility alongside her passion for the working sheep dog and the pursuit of excellence, and you can visit her agility website at www.theagilitycoach.ca.

Our facility consists of a beautiful 57 acre farm just northeast of Toronto. Our location is easily accessible from most areas in the Toronto region, just off of the 407 highway.



Boywood Henry training to be a Search and Rescue dog in the mountains of Whistler, BC.

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