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Holiday Gifts for Your Dog

Holiday Gifts for Your Dog

Use our short guide to help find the perfect dog gift this to stash under the tree this holiday season. Keeping your dog safe, pampered and paying it forward are just three areas you can cover. Your dog is an integral part of the family, make sure they have something to unwrap too! Read More »

A Simple Act of Kindness

Simple Acts of Kindess for Dog Lovers

After a recent trip to the off-leash dog walking area at Sunnybrook Park, I discovered that Maggie had lost her dog tag. When it was returned, I decided to think about how else we can help our fellow dog lovers. Read More »

The New Oldest Dog Breeds

Take everything you thought you knew about the history of dogs and throw it out the window. The previous 15 oldest breeds are now chiseled down to six ancient breeds. But genetics can be misleading, at least where dogs are concerned. Read More »

The Benefits of Doing Dog Agility

Dog agility is a sport whereby a handler direct a dog through an obstacle course in a race for both time and accuracy. The course consists of various equipment such as tunnels, jumps, teeter totters, and pole weaves. The handler must lead the dog throughout he complex course using only their voice and body signals. Read More »

Top 7 Favourite Dog Videos

The Internet is riddled with dog videos. Some make you laugh, others make you cry. The really good ones go viral and for good reason. Here are my top 7 dog videos that I've been lucky enough to stumble upon. Read More »

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