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Top 7 Favourite Dog Videos

Top 7 Favourite Dog Videos

The Internet is riddled with dog videos. Some make you laugh, others make you cry. The really good ones go viral and for good reason. Here are my top 7 dog videos that I’ve been lucky enough to stumble upon.

#1 – Blind Dog Rescue: Fiona

This is quite possibly the best dog rescue video ever made. It shows blind Fiona being found in an abandoned industrial area and being nursed back to health. I love the transformation shown here and how every rescued animal has such potential to be a joyful and loving companion. This is an incredibly simple but powerful video. Rescuer Eldad makes videos of all of his Los Angeles rescues as a method of raising money for his dog rescue. Much to his shock, Fiona became an Internet sensation and Eldad was invited to take her on a whirlwind media tour across North American to raise awareness for abandoned dogs.

#2 – Who Did This Mess?

I love this video because the three little poodles know exactly what is going on. Here, one of the three suspects has made a mess. We don’t know what the mess is, but based on how quickly they turn on the guilty party, it’s probably pretty bad.

#3 – Denver, the Internet’s Guiltiest Dog

Another Internet celebrity, Denver is the pioneer of the guilty dog video. Denver cannot bear to even look his owner in the eye when accused of eating the cat treats. Her bizarre guilty grimace won the hearts of a nation.

#4 – Did Somebody Say Bacon?

The Ultimate Dog Tease is 100% pure Canadian comedic gold. Nothing beats a talking dog, especially when he’s talking about bacon.

#5 – I Feel So Violated

This hilarious post-bath angry dog tries to tell off his owner while ridding himself of the annoying (yet strangely invigorating) feeling of wet fur.

#6 – Dogs Don’t Understand Their Own Medical Crises

Comedian Louis CK tells the story of forcibly trying to save his own dog’s life after she ate a bar of chocolate. I found this video both hysterical and heartbreaking. Even through his comedic delivery, you can hear how scared he was for his dog and how he was willing to forever lose her trust if it meant he could just save her life.

#7 – And God Made A Dog

In 1978, a radio announcer named Paul Harvey gave an historic address to the Future Farmer’s of America convention where he said that the world needed a caretaker so on the 8th day God made a farmer. This video is an homage to that beautiful speech using the same structure and dramatic cadence. Because his wide-eyed children needed a companion, on the 9th day God made a dog.

What’s your favourite dog video? Let us know in the comments.

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