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Holiday gifts for your dog | Best dog gifts | Dog gift ideas
Wednesday , 25 May 2022 About Toronto Dog Stuff
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Holiday Gifts for Your Dog

Holiday Gifts for Your Dog

Find the perfect dog gift to stash under the tree

Your dog is a member of your family and, as such, you want to spoil him at Christmas. But what is the perfect dog gift to stash under the tree?

Keep Him Safe
Why not think of the gift giving season as a perfect time to sign up for pet insurance? Pets are fine until they are not. With insurance you know that you are covered should your dog need a costly medical procedure. If your dog walking often occurs in the morning or evening when there is limited light, consider a clip on LED collar light or a collar or jacket with reflective strips to help make your dog more visible. Another great gift is a car safety harness if your dog rides in the passenger seat or backseat of your car. A safety harness makes the ride more enjoyable for your dog as he is not constantly losing his footing in unpredictable traffic. It also keeps your dog in one place if he’s the type to get excited and jump all over the car!

Pamper Your Friend
If you want to give your dog a stocking stuffer to remember, try a mixed bag of dog treats from your local specialty dog shop. If that doesn’t suit your budget, alleviate the stress of not knowing which consumer treats are actually good for your dog (to rawhide or not to rawhide?) by baking your own!
Dogs love a cozy bed. Use this time of year as an excuse to replace his old, worn out dog bed with something new and funky. Ideally you want something soft but durable. Try looking for thick, sturdy foam beds as opposed to throw cushion-type beds if you don’t want them flattened by New Year’s!
Lastly, acupuncture is all the rage in alternative dog health. If your dog suffers from ailments such as allergies, hip dysplasia, gastrointestinal issues or urinary tract disorders, just to name a few, consider acupuncture as a way to treat his symptoms. Dogs have more than 150 acupuncture points on their bodies and qualified veterinarians have been using acupuncture on dogs with great success since the 70’s. Splurge on your dog this Christmas and see if it improves his quality of life.

Pay It Forward
Your dog has a great life with you. He knows he won the lottery and doesn’t need a day at the spa to prove it. Why not take that $50 and help save a dog whose life is not secure by donating to local dog rescue or shelter on behalf of your dog?

No matter what you do for your dog, remember that you are his greatest gift. Happy holidays!

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