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Wednesday , 29 June 2022 About Toronto Dog Stuff
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Metro Hound

Metro Hound

place-2 1003 Kingston Road | telephone-15 416-693-2951
mouse-2 www.metrohound.cominfo@metrohound.com

Do-it-yourself dog wash and the dog gear boutique. Metro Houd offers a spa-like facility with raised tubs and grooming tables so you get a clean dog without the backache or the bathroom clean up.

Do-It-Yourself Dog Wash Price
Small Dogs $25.00 Quickie Bath (no brushing or blowdry) $15.00
Medium Short-Haired Dogs $25.00 Medium Long-Haired Dogs $27.50
Large Short-Haired Dogs $27.50 Large Long-Haired Dogs $32.50
Giant Dogs $37.50 Exceptionally Hairy and/or Messy Dogs $37.50
Nail clip with bath add $7.50 Come in for just a nail clip $12.50

Do-It-Yourself Dog wash

Do-it-yourself means you save money, avoid leaving your dog with a stranger, and your dog will never be caged. You save time and bathroom mess!

Metro Hound offers a selection of premium shampoos and conditioners, raised tubs and tables, fluffy white towels, a variety of brushes and combs, hair dryers and high-speed blowers, scissors, nail clippers, ear-cleaning solution, and an apron so you don’t get completely drenched! There’s even a walk-in shower stall, perfect for giant breeds as well as older dogs, dogs with injuries, or just plain stubborn dogs that won’t go up the steps and into the tubs.

At Metro Hound, you’ll find everything you need to bathe and groom your best friend with ease. Instead of the mess and trauma of trying to wash your dog at home, you’ll actually enjoy spending time with your dog in our soothing spa-like environment.

The $15 Quickie Bath

When your dog doesn’t need the full spa treatment and you just want to wash off the mud or the sand, drop in for a Quickie Bath. You get shampoo, 2 towels, and 20 minutes to clean the grime off your hound. No advance bookings, no brushing or clipping, no dryers… you get the idea. It’s just a quick bath and towel dry and you’re out the door with a clean dog.

Dog Boutique

Metro Hound is the place to go for a distinctive selection of accessories for your canine companion. You’ll find fabulous collars and leashes, stylish coats, stacks of cushy beds, great toys and treats, and so much more. Is your hound a flirt, a tough guy, a princess? At Metro Hound you’ll find a collar and leash set that perfectly reflects your dog’s style. Is your home urban chic, traditional, funky? Come and choose the dog bed to complement your decor.


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