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Ontario Weimaraner Rescue & Assistance | Weimaraner Rescue Ontario, Weimaraner Rescue Toronto
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Ontario Weimaraner Rescue & Assistance

Ontario Weimaraner Rescue & Assistance

place-2 St. Catherine’s, ON | telephone-15 905.937.7131
mouse-2 www.ontarioweimaranerrescue.cominfo@ontarioweimaranerrescue.com

Ontario Weimaraner Rescue & Assistance (OWRAssist) is a not-for-profit volunteer run foster-based dog rescue dedicated to the health and well being of the Weimaraner.

The beautiful and charismatic animals are their passion. Founded in 2009, their purpose is to rescue Weimaraners from situations that are not ideal and assist in finding them loving forever homes.

Ontario Weimaraner Rescue & Assistance works with shelters and Weimaraner rescues across North America to bring Weimaraners to loving homes in Ontario and other parts of Canada. Wherever possible, they aim to have homes for the dogs before they come into their care, so please fill out an application if you are interested in adopting a Weimaraner and they will attempt to match one that will suit your families requirements! They have a group of selfless volunteers who work together to transport dogs from far and near to their new homes.

Ontario Weimaraner Rescue & Assistance works very closely with the Michigan Weimaraner Rescue, New York State Weimaraner Rescue and Weimaraner Association of Canada. They, in turn, work very closely with other Weimaraner rescue organizations throughout the United States and Canada. If you see a Weimaraner you are interesting in adopting from another organization, Ontario Weimaraner Rescue & Assistance will make every effort to make that dog available to you.

Available Weimaraners

See available Weimaraners from Ontario Weimaraner Rescue & Assistance via Facebook.com

Available Weimaraners from Michigan Weimaraner Rescue via Petfinder.com

Available Weimaraners from Weimaraner Association of Canada via Petfinder.com

Available Weimaraners from New York State Weimaraner Rescue via Petfinder.com

Adoption Process

You are about to make a very important decision. Owning a pet means providing essentials such as a balanced diet, a stable home, exercise, licensing, socialization and vaccinations. Remember, providing a home and care for a pet is a lifetime commitment. That is why we encourage you to go through the 3-step process for adoption:

  1. Assess your goals
  2. Determine you are able and ready to adopt
  3. Fill out the adoption application.
  4. Phone interview
  5. Home visit by rescue volunteer
  6. Meet your Weimaraner!

They know that the adoption process can be intimidating and they don’t want to discourage you from adopting a Weimaraner. However, the process is thorough to make sure they save the dog and new potential owner(s) from the unhappy business of having a bad experience. These Weimaraners have already lost their home or seen more than their share of inappropriate situations. The adoption process is in place to ensure that these dogs find suitable homes and an owner(s) who will provide for them.

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