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Sherwood Park Dog Park - Off-leash Dog Walking Area
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Sherwood Park

Sherwood Park

place-2 190 Sherwood Avenue | Mount Pleasant Rd + Blythwood Rd

Sherwood Park is located at the end of Sherwood Avenue which runs East from Mount Pleasant Road. Sherwood Avenue is just south of Blythwood Road, roughly half way between Eglinton Avenue and Lawrence Avenue. There is a small parking lot at the entrance to the park.

From the parking lot take the park road down the long hill over the small creek and past the park offices to the off-leash dog walking area. The off-leash area itself is a network of trails through the Sherwood Park forest. There are a number of loops of varying lengths. This is a beautiful park with amazing scenery in all seasons. Amble at your own pace along the park’s trails which are signed for dogs and closed to bicycle traffic.

What to Expect

In the summer and fall expect fantastic views and a stroll as relaxing as your dog will allow. In most places the trail is as wide as a road and relatively flat. Uphill and downhill sections are gently sloped in most parts. Where the trails meet steeper hills, stairs or terraced sections make the ascent and descent easier.

Ground cover along the dog walking trail varies from dirt to leaf-covered and also includes several boardwalk sections. The trails are fenced to keep dogs focused and out of protected zones but there are several breaks. As well neither the trailheads nor the park entrance are gated.

Dog walkers do use the trail network so it is common to come across groups of 3-5 dogs.

What’s Not to Like

  1. Signage within the park is somewhat confusing, indicating it is a leash-free park at the entrance but only clarifying that it’s just the dog walking trails that are leash free near the entrance to the trails themselves.
  2. The leash-free dog walking area is a good distance from the parking lot.
  3. As the fence is not complete along the trails, this park is not a good choice for dogs without adequate recall.

    Dog Park Location

    GPS Coordinates for Sherwood Park Dog Park / Off-leash Area: N43 42.974 W79 23.172
    GPS Coordinates for Sherwood Park Dog Park / Parking: N43 42.934 W79 23.413

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    Note: Information is based on a combination of personal dog park visits and data available via the City of  Toronto website and other sources and is presented without warranty of any kind. The condition of the park, it’s availability to dogs and commercial dog walkers is subject to weather and other factors and  may change at any time. Dog park users use these facilities at their own discretion and risk.

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