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Sunnybrook Park Dog Park | Best Toronto Dog Parks | Off-leash Dog Walking Area
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Sunnybrook Park

Sunnybrook Park

place-2 1132 Leslie St | Leslie St + Lawrence Ave E

The off-leash dog walking area at Sunnybrook park is located in the heart of the park. Sunnybrook Park itself is located between Leslie Street and Bayview Avenue, North of Eglinton Avenue. The simplest access to the dog park area is from Leslie Street. Follow the winding park road around watching for the off-leash area on the left. Watch on the left for a is a side-road to the parking lot just as the park buildings come into view on the right.

The dog park itself is massive and completely fenced with four double-gated entrances. Dogs can be unleashed safely in-between the gates. Wire mesh fills the gaps between the wooden fence posts and beams. The ground cover is grass with muddy patches depending on the season an there is a doggy water fountain located roughly in the centre of the off-leash area. Despite its size, and the presence of many clumps of trees and bushes, there are good sitelines within the dog park.

What to Expect

This is one of Toronto’s largest and most beautiful parks. Spending time here is a treat in all seasons. Ample shade trees, numerous benches and a convenient water source make the park perfect in summer. The colours are wonderful in fall and its location in a forested valley offers some protection from cool winter and spring winds. Despite a few detractions (below) this off-leash area is one of Toronto’s Best Dog Parks and is worth a visit as long as you have the time and your dog is well-socialized.

What’s Not to Like

  1. This park is busy. The central location and large size make this park a favourite among dog walkers and dog owners alike. It’s common for there to be 15-20 or more dogs… your dog should be comfortable playing in a pack. The real issue however is the parking. Unless you are prepared for an additional walk, there is very limited parking near the dog park itself.
  2. While most the fence is a reasonable height, the fencing along the forested side of the park is quite low, no more than a meter in spots. Even smallish dogs can, and have cleared the fence with ease.
  3. Beauty doesn’t come easy. The drive from the park entrance to the dog park alone can be 10-15 mins. If the parking lot nearest the off-leash area is used, the only real exit option is Bayview Avenue. It’s a longer detour back to Leslie Street.

Dog Park Location

GPS Coordinates for Sunnybrook Park Dog Park / Off-leash Area: N43 43.365 W79 21.918
GPS Coordinates for Sunnybrook Park Dog Park / Parking: N43 43.428 W79 21.915

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Note: Information is based on a combination of personal dog park visits and data available via the City of Toronto website and other sources and is presented without warranty of any kind. The condition of the park, it’s availability to dogs and commercial dog walkers is subject to weather and other factors and may change at any time. Dog park users use these facilities at their own discretion and risk.

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