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Wednesday , 25 May 2022 About Toronto Dog Stuff
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Surprise Doggy Box Unboxing and Review Video

Surprise Doggy Box Unboxing and Review Video

mouse-2 SurpriseDoggyBox.com

The Surprise Doggy Box is ordered from SurpriseDoggyBox.com and is a great value. It contains 3-4 items from the FurryGems.com boutique with a value equal or greater than the $39.99 purchase price and shipping is included.

When you receive your Surprise Doggy Box in the mail, and have removed the shipping wrapper, you’ll notice that it comes in an attractive holiday-themed gift box that can be placed directly under your tree without any additional wrapping or trussing.

Our Surprise Doggy Box contained four items: A stunning pink faux crock-skin personalized dog collar, a medium-sized package of Nutro Real Apple Crunchy Treats, An LED clip-on safety light, perfect for walking the dog in early morning or evening now that winter is here and a grey Adidog Hoody. There was also a thank you note and packing summary from FurryGems.com.

The items all all of good quality and overall the Surprise Doggy Box offers good value, convenience, and a little fun this holiday season. If you can resist peeking, it will be a surprise for both you and your pet.


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