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Talbot Trail Pugs | Pug Breeder Ontario, Pug Breeder Toronto, Pug Puppies Toronto
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Talbot Trail Pugs

Talbot Trail Pugs

place-2 Wardsville, Ontario
mouse-2 www.talbottrail.com | pugs @ talbotrail.com

Canadian Kennel Club Registered Pug Breeders

Talbot Trail strives to breed Pugs that meet the Canadian standard in every respect. They breed primarily for show but realize that most puppies will find homes as pets. As temperament is the key to a perfect pet, they are as concerned with that as with good conformation, luckily that’s easy with Pugs. All  dogs live in the house as pets first, show dogs second and lastly, as breeding stock. They breed only occasionally when they wish to add a new dog to the kennel.

They got our first Pug in 2002 when their daughter decided she wanted a Pug. They found a black Pug to foster and after two weeks we were “Pugged”. When Ebony went back to the breeder for a litter they decided to purchase a puppy as a show dog. They had previously been Bloodhound exhibitors so were not new to the dog show scene and were anxious to try our hand with our new breed.

They are members of the Canadian Kennel Club and the Pug Club of Canada. Most of their dogs are shown to their Canadian championships and some to their American championships.

About Pugs

There is no other dog that can quite equal the Pug as a family pet. They are a big dog in a small, sturdy body, appealing to all members of the family. Children like them because of their comical appearance and love of fun. No other dog of their size will put up with the ear chewing, tail pulling and squashing that a Pug will happily contend with. Women like their natural cleanliness and easy adaptability to home living along with their devotion and love of human companionship. Men prize the Pug’s handsome ugliness, even temper and intelligence and in spite of their size they are a real man’s dog.

The Pug can be described as the perfect house pet. There is certainly no dog which excels it in affection, love of fun and loyalty.

All puppies are Canadian Kennel Club registered, microchipped, have first shots and health guarantee.

They breed one, sometimes two, litters a year. If you want a puppy it’s best to contact them in advance. Approved homes will be placed on a waiting list. When they know what puppies are available, they will contact people on the list for a deposit to reserve a pup.


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