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Ugly Mutts Dog Rescue | Ontario Dog Rescue
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Ugly Mutts Dog Rescue

Ugly Mutts Dog Rescue

place-2 Hamilton, ON | Servicing Southern Ontario
mouse-2 uglymutts.com | info@uglymutts.com

Ugly Mutts Dog Rescue is dedicated to saving the lives of adoptable dogs that are at risk of euthanasia in high kill shelters and pounds throughout Ontario and the Northern United States.

Ugly Mutts also work with caring pet owners who are in need of help to re-home a  pet. They are an all-breed, foster based dog rescue where canine companions are loved and cared for as their own pets until they can be adopted into suitable, loving, permanent new homes with committed adopters.

Ugly Mutts Associates are trained in canine behaviour and general canine obedience. With their knowledge and experience they are able to offer insight and professional advice to both caring shelter staff when choosing dogs for rescue, and to families looking to adopt a new pet. They ensure every dog accepted into our program is, or will have the ability to become capable, respected, family companions.

Ugly Mutts Dog Rescue does minimal fund-raising however with the help of our wonderful supporters and sponsors, along with the aid of caring, pet friendly foster families and the adoption and placement donations made, we are able to rescue and successfully rehome approximately 250 dogs each year.

Ugly Mutts is based out of the Hamilton/Burlington area with foster families throughout Southern Ontario.

Available Dogs

See list of adoptable pets on petfinder.com
For information about Ugly Mutts, please email: info@uglymutts.com

Application Process

If you are looking to adopt a dog through Ugly Mutts, you must fill out an application.  You may have questions about the dog but please be assured that there is no commitment to adopt by either yourself or the rescue until all your questions have been answered, that you have met and spent some time with the pet, and it is mutually agreed that the dog is a good choice for your situation.  The mission of our Adoption Team is to ensure that not only will you be able to meet the needs of the specific dog but that the dog will meet all your wants and desires as a pet.

Once your application is received it is forwarded to an Adoption Associate for screening to determine if the dog you are interested in is a good match for your family.  Once you application has been approved for the specific pet you will be invited to come and meet the dog in their foster home.  Appointments to meet a specific pet are by appointment only to approved adopters.  It is important to note that we do receive multiple applications for many of our dogs and while we do not adopt on a first come first serve basis, we do adopt to the first suitable home available.  So, it is important to remember that if you want the chance to meet the dog of your choice that you get your application submitted at your earliest opportunity.

Sponsor a Dog

Make a direct online payment to Ugly Mutts Dog Rescue and it will be used to help rescue a dog that is currently in danger of being euthanized.  You will notice that most of the dogs in our care are not puppies. Most are dogs between the ages of 1 – 10 years and are victims of an industry that treats dogs as a disposable commodity.  Ugly Mutts does screen the dogs to ensure they are capable of being a family companion which allows us to ensure that every adoptable dog possible is given a second chance for a happy future.  Each year with the help and support of the general public Ugly Mutts is able to rescue and rehome approximately 200 – 300 pets.  While we are mainly concerned with canine companions we do try to help any companion animal in need.

When you make an online payment please provide us with your email address and you will be sent a picture and a brief bio of the dog you have helped save.  As well, once your dog has been fully assessed, medically treated and is ready to find their forever home you will see them listed on our Adoptable Pets page.  Once adopted you can then follow their transition into their new home from their page in our online scrapbook “Happy Tails”.

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