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Woof and Shloof

Woof and Shloof

place-2 666 St Clair A West | telephone-15 416-619-9212
mouse-2 www.woofandshloof.com

Woof & Shloof is an eco-friendly dog centre offering cage-free dog daycare, dog grooming, and dog training.

Day Care Rates Grooming Rates
Full Day Daycare (7am-6pm)
Full Day Package of 10
Full Day Package of 20
Half day Daycare
Half Day Package of 10
Half Day Package of 20
1 Hour Play
Small Dogs
Medium Dogs
Large Dogs
Extra Large Dogs

Dog Grooming

Dog grooming prices vary on the size and breed of dog and the sometimes is affected by the temperament of the dog and condition of his coat.

A day at the spaw:  DTreat your dog to a day at the spaw, which includes daycare, walks, bath, brushout, de-shedding treatment, paw clean up, ear clean, nail clip, and tidy up srtarting at $45.

Nail Clip: $15 (by appointment).
Woof and Shloof Groomers have experience grooming all breeds large and small.

Dog Daycare

Woof and Shloof believes that a dog’s day should be filled with structure, routines, games, rest, and treats.

  • Your dog must be well socialized, fully vaccinated and have an understanding of the basic commands.
  • New customers can register online.
  • Your dog must pass a brief ‘interview’ with us before becoming a client.
  • Please call us to book your doggie interview.
  • Your dog must have a safe fitting collar (flat collar, martingale or gentle leader. No harnasses.)

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